About Me

After several years of studio design and production experience, I started freelancing exclusively when my "after work-work" got in the way of my day job.

I have been steadily working ever since: mostly in print design; some illustration work; and inevitably–although I am not a web designer–I do a great deal of online-related work in the form of images, html email, web banners, and small websites. I feel incredibly lucky to be gainfully self-employed.

I have learned along the way that talent is only one skill of many that makes a successful designer. Taking direction as well as initiative (and the fine art of knowing when each approach is best); being reliable, detail oriented, flexible, and professional are equally critical. It's important to be someone with whom other people want to work.

The most fundamental component to being successful in a creative profession is to nurture the creative spirit. My personal artistic interests are currently in digital and mural painting.

Thank you for visiting my site! You can view additional illustration work at www.jamibutler.com

All portfolio images © Jami Butler, 2015.
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